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Great headset

Not much more to add. Great value headset with excellent build quality and superb performance. I will recommend this headset to all my students and flying friends


Test flight in 152 15 Feb.

I like it

Very happy so far.

Not yet tested in aircraft

According to meteorologicals conditions I haven't tested this apparatus in real conditions, only in an aircraft on parking.
In such conditions it work correctly.
A little problem : The switch for active loise reduction is very sensible, I found it on ON position several times after carrying.

Great headset

Great headset - very comfy and very light, just what you need without breaking the bank.

Excellent company

Excellent headset and high quality never see before

ANR best price/quality ratio

Do Not Expect to experience the same performance of the most acclaimed 1100€ pair of headset ( not mentioned on purpose here) ...
But I can tell you the truth: the sound suppression in PNR is definitely working better than average headset on market at same price, with a very soft and sealing ear-cups. When activating the ANR most of the low frequency background disappeared immediately, I cannot say the same in relation to HI Freq background which will be still present. If you connect yours mobile phone the calls are clear both in reception and transmission. But if you listen to music and use ANR, all low bass freq. will disappear giving the sound a metallic feelings. I admit to be an old pilot and my hearing is going to fade a little, so I always had to set my previous headset to a max volume to be able to hear, but the volume of this new product is so strong that I had to set it to a middle value. KUDOS
In summary this Product value is definitely worthing the price, if you compare performances ( almost 70% of the most acclaimed model in benchmark) and price ( only 30% of the famous headset).
I just wanted to try it as a spare device for my passenger, but I will buy a second set for myself.

Noise Cancelling for a 1/3rd of the Price

I was going to purchase a Bose A20 for my wife as I use Bose A20, but I was introduced to this headset. It has noise cancelling and also an input if you want to listen to music.

As my wife is the passenger and does not fly with me all the time I am glad I bought this more cost-effective headset, then spending all the money on a Bose which she would use now and then.

She says they are very lightweight, clear and she can hear everything that is going on.

I would recommend to anyone who does not want to spend the price tag on a Bose or David Clark.

Can't go wrong with this headset

As a student I researched a lot of headsets. Glad I picked the AS1. I have this headset 8 months. A very good headset. Noise cancellation is great, probably not as good as my Bose QC15s but definitely not far off. Great value. Good response from the mic although I find it needs to be up against my mouth for best performance. Comfortable to wear, I mostly forget it is on. Would 100% recommend.

Lightweight high performance headset

I'm delighted with the PS2 headset - it is so light, looks very stylish and has excellent noise reduction in use. An excellent headset at a very keen price. Fast delivery from Aerotion and it's nice to be able to support a UK company.

Excellent quality, good value ANR headset

I bought this headset as a back up to my usual Bose headset and for passenger use. It's very well made, looks really good, lightweight and very comfortable. The sound quality is good and the ANR works well although not quite as good as the Bose. Having said that, it's probably the best value ANR headset on the market currently and I would highly recommend it. Ordering and delivery was also very efficient with excellent communications. Thank you Aerotion.

Aerotion Aviation - PS1

First used today in a PA28. Very comfortable and light - getting the volumes level right will take a little more practise but very impressed overall.

Great headset for the money

This is my first headset and i’m very impressed. I went with the AS1 model as it was the best value ANR type i could find on the market. It’s not too heavy, looks great on and is comfy, comes in a cool little branded carry bag, and most important the active noise cancellation works well. Fast shipping too and item well packaged.

Top Quality, Low cost, fast service!

Just buyed PS2 Passive. Less then 1 week to receive the item (to Switzerland).
Top quality, nothing less campared with most expensive products.
Well done guys, i'll recommend you 100%

Perfect value for money - great service

Good looking headset with excellent value for money.
Very responsive and kind service.
For me the perfect headset for my passengers.
Shipping to Germany was easy.

Good headset

Great headset for the price. Now trialled on My first training flight last week. Comfortable and audio brilliant. Why buy an expensive headset? Thank you Aerotion for the opportunity.

Great value for money

I give you 10 out of 10. I bought two headsets in two separate orders, and both arrived promptly. The headsets are great. We have had some trouble in our aircraft with interactions between headsets and the radio, but yours were trouble free. They seem good at damping external noise, and the headphones are very clear. I was originally going to buy your more expensive set but they were out of stock, so I decided to buy the cheaper pair and try them out. As a result I was able to decide that the cheap pair were fine, and bought the second set. As for other makes, not sure why anyone would pay £500 for a headset.

Brilliant Quality Low Cost Set

I unbagged the PS2 Headset and the first thing I noticed was the quality of manufacture, weight and adjustment ability - Very lightweight and exceptionally well made. I have a PS1 set for passengers, and this set is so much more refined.

On donning the headset , the comfort design of the set was immediately apparent, with very comfortable ear cups and head support and lightweight, carbon fibre style manufacture.

For the cost, I expected inferior communication and interference, however, from plugging in to unplugging after a long flight with three passengers wearing different sets and the ability to alter impedance, the readability was 5 at all times.

Very well worth the investment as an intermediary level set !


I unbagged the PS1 Headset and the first thing I noticed was the quality of manufacture and the weight - Very lightweight and exceptionally well made.

On donning the headset , the comfort design of the set was immediately apparent, with very comfortable ear cups and head support.

For the cost, I expected inferior communication, however, from plugging in to unplugging after a long flight with three passengers wearing different sets, the readability was 5 at all times.

Very well worth the investment as an entry level set !

Fantastic value for money & comparable to my A20's!

Purchased these as a spare set to go alongside my Bose A20 (which I love) but couldn't warrant spending another £1000 for a spare/occasional use headset.

Have to say I am massively impressed with the AS2!! At a third of the price of my Bose A20, they are comparable in noise reduction performance and sound quality and are actually significantly lighter in weight.

I now find myself rotating between the two as they both offer a different fit and feel which is great to mix up.

Highly recommended!

Lightweight and gr8 looking


Delivered quickly. Well packaged and good quality for price point. Audio very comparable to the David Clarke headset my flight school provide. (PS1 Purchased)

Great value, high spec headset

Purchased as a back-up headset to my Bose A20.

Slightly bulkier than A20 but sounds quality great and feel very well built.

Massive saving compared to the A20 or similar spec headsets, very impressed.

Great first headset!

Recently passed my LAPL so felt it was time to own my own headset. Can't recommend enough.

Lightweight, comfortable and great looking and not going to break the bank. Love it!

Fantastic headset for students

Great headset for under £100!!

Just gone solo so felt it was time to purchase my own headset. Great looking and very comfortable...