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I've only just started my flight training journey, what is the best headset for me?
If you are looking to minimise costs, our PS1 headset is the ideal choice. It still offers many features only found on headsets three times the price however, we manage to keep it below £120. If however, you have a slightly higher budget the PS2 or AS1 would be the ideal choice. 
Which model is best as a spare/passenger headset?
Again, if budget is key, we recommend the PS1 headset however if you often carry passengers, the PS2 or AS range would be ideal.
What is the difference between Passive & Active Noise reduction?
PNR is similar to soundproofing your garage: it blocks noise by stopping it with barriers. Our passive headsets rely on clamping mechanisms and a fully padded leather ear pad to keep the ear cups sealed against the pilots/passengers head. Our ear cups completely cover the ears, and dense foam inside the ear cups absorbs sound while gel ear seals conform around the ear to stop sound waves. 
In our ANR headset, a tiny microphone inside the ear cup picks up the cockpit noise around it. The noise sample is passed to electronics that produce an exact opposite “mirror image” of the sound. Tiny speakers generate the new sound back out to the ear cups and as the generated sound is an “anti-sound” to the original noise, they meet and cancel each other out.
How are your headsets priced far lower than other headset manufacturers?
At Aerotion Aviation we believe high definition, clear audio is an essential part of safe, enjoyable flying. We also believe features such as active noise reduction or ultra lightweight headsets should be assessable to pilots of all levels and budgets. Designed by pilots, for pilots, we significantly reduced our profit margins compared with our competitors which in turn passes the saving onto you.
Do your headsets work in both aircrafts and helicopters?
Yes, our full headset range work in both aircrafts and helicopters. As our core range were originally designed for aircraft, you will require the GA to helicopter adapter which is available on the dropdown product menu. 
What is mic resistance/gain and how do I adjust it?
Microphone resistance is essentially a volume control for your microphone. Soft voices might benefit from an increase in gain in order to improve audibility and, in some cases, to break squelch; louder voices may need little to no gain increase. Equipping each headset with its own resistance adjustment helps balance loud and soft voices in a multi-headset environment
How long do the batteries last on the AS Active headset range?
2 x AA batteries last approximately 50hrs in our AS active headset range.
 Is it possible to download the user manual?
Of course, please click on the relevant link to download: PS1 / PS2 / AS1 / AS2
Can I use the boom mic on either side of the headset?
Yes, our mic boom rotates around 180 degrees so you can use on your preferred side without having to unscrew anything.
What is the Mono/Stereo switch for?
In our aviation headsets, the ‘stereo - mono’ switch (marked S – M) allows each earphone speaker to operate on a separate channel when the switch is in the ‘stereo’ position, and switches both earphone speakers on to the one ‘mono’ channel when in the ‘mono’ position.
When the switch is in the ‘M’ mono position, both earphone speakers will emit sound regardless of whether the input to the headset is from a mono or stereo source.
When the switch is in the ‘S’ stereo position for stereophonic sound, sound will be emitted by both earphone speakers if there is a 2 channel input from a stereo source, but only one earphone speaker will emit sound if the sound source is a single channel mono source.
Will my AS headset still work if my batteries run flat?
Yes, all other features will operate perfectly if your batteries run flat. There will however be an increase in outside noise due to the ANR no longer working.
Can I plug in my mobile/cell phone and listen to music on your headsets?
Yes, our full headset range come with a Aux in and include an aux cable.
 What length warranty do you offer?
All Aerotion Aviation headset are covered by a no-quibble, 12 month warranty.
 What is your delivery time?
All orders are shipping within 1 business day and UK orders are sent on a next day service. For international delivery times, please visit our delivery information page.